Introduction to Patient Portal- Goals, Information and Link to Instruction Sheets

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  • Link to instruction pages (pdf format) at bottom of page.

The Patient Portal is a portion of our practice’s recent computer and software upgrade. We are attempting to become a “Green” business by moving most, if not all, of our medical and financial work to a computer based format. This includes a totally paperless patient chart. This is to include all notes, labs, pathology reports and prescriptions. Our goal is: minimal paper in (to be scanned or transcribed) and minimal paper out (receipts, visit summaries, instructions). While some of this transition is motivated by requirements of our 3rd party payers, Medicare foremost, we feel that it will lead to greater efficiency in caring for our patients.

As you may know, Dermatology Consultants Midwest, PA is a somewhat unique dermatology practice. We practice primarily medical dermatology offering some cosmetic services. We are a physician only practice- all patients are directly cared for by one of our board certified Dermatologists, not by a non-physician intermediary provider. While individual doctor schedules vary, our office is usually open 5 days a week, Monday- Friday (even Friday afternoons).

For our practice to be available to and to care for as many patients as possible we need to be efficient. We have always requested that our patients arrive for their appointments 10-15 minutes early to give time to take care of paperwork. We then make every effort to keep as close to schedule as possible. Despite our efforts one of the biggest logjams is still between the front door and the exam room. In an effort to alleviate this situation we are using the Patient Portal which will give all patients the opportunity to complete the required paperwork at home prior to coming to the office. This information is then sent securely and directly into your chart. Be certain that this information is secure and is only used by our office for direct patient care. We will not use any information for solicitation nor will we provide any information outside of this office except as always to your insurance provider, to labs and pathology services in the course of your care and to pharmaceutical plans as required for your prescription purposes.

Please view and print out the linked instruction sheets before going to the patient portal. They are to guide you through the processes of setting up patient access and filling out the information correctly.

Access to the Patient Portal is via the link on our home page.

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